We believe that every parrot deserves a chance at a happy and fulfilling life, and we are committed to finding the perfect forever home for each bird in our care.

At Parrots for Adoption, we are passionate about finding loving homes for parrots in need. We take care of the parrots, ensuring they are healthy, well-trained, socially, and friendly. Our commitment doesn’t end with adoption; we continue to provide after-adoption services to ensure the parrots and their new families are thriving together.

Parrot Rescue and Rehabilitation

Our rescue and rehabilitation process begins with the intake of parrots from various sources, including private individuals, animal shelters, and wildlife rehabilitators. We evaluate each bird’s health, behavior, and needs to create a customized care plan that includes proper nutrition, medical treatment, and behavioral enrichment. Our goal is to restore the parrot’s health and well-being before they can be placed for adoption.

Adoption Process

Once a parrot is ready for adoption, we work closely with our adoption team to ensure a good match. Sometimes we conduct thorough home visits and interviews to determine if the adopter’s living situation, lifestyle, and experience level are suitable for the specific parrot. We also provide detailed information on the parrot’s history, temperament, and care requirements to help the adopter make an informed decision.

Through the adoption form on our website we are able to collect vital information that will determine the decision of each applicant. Through out the years we have also work hard to make this process less complex. This entire process can be completed within 48 hours.  

Here are the 4 main steps

  1. Submit Application
  2. If, approved proceed to pay adoption free
  3. Confirmation 
  4. Delivery (We Ship and Delivery the parrot to your home address)

We also breed parrots at our facility, this is because we want parrots so have a natural life in a natural environment so we let them reach their full potential by giving the the liberty to socialized and reproduce, this is also the more reason why we mostly have parrots available for adoption year round. 

Adoption Fee
Why Adoption Fee is Necessary

Financial Support for Care and Services The adoption fee is necessary to provide financial support for the care and services provided by Parrots for Adoption. This includes the cost of food, shelter, veterinary care, and training for the parrots while they are in the organization’s care. Additionally, the fee helps cover the expenses associated with providing ongoing support and resources to adoptive families.

Preparation for Delivery The adoption fee contributes to the preparation of the parrot for delivery to its new home. This may include transportation costs, necessary paperwork, and ensuring that the parrot is ready for its transition to a new environment.

Sustainability of Operations By paying an adoption fee, individuals contribute to the sustainability of Parrots for Adoption Foundation’s operations. This ensures that the organization can continue its mission of finding loving homes for parrots in need, providing ongoing support to adoptive families, and maintaining a high standard of care for the parrots under their guardianship.

Conclusion In conclusion, the adoption fee is essential for providing financial support for the care and services offered by Parrots for Adoption. It also contributes to preparing parrots for delivery to their new homes and supports the sustainability of the organization’s operations.

Training and Socialization

Parrots are highly intelligent and social creatures that require mental stimulation and interaction with humans. At Parrots for Adoption, we work diligently to train and socialize each parrot, teaching them essential skills like stepping up, talking, and performing tricks. We also help the parrot develop a strong bond with its new owner, ensuring a happy and fulfilling life for both the parrot and its family.

After Adoption Services

We understand that adopting a parrot is a significant commitment, and we want to ensure that our adopters have the resources and support they need. We offer a range of after-adoption services, including follow-up visits, phone consultations, and access to our online support group. We also provide educational materials on proper parrot care and maintenance, as well as resources for finding veterinarians and avian specialists in their local area.